User authentication

TrafMeter Service Monitor can act as an authentication agent (besides monitoring features) for TrafMeter Service. In this case, it is installed on remote computers and it monitors the host running TrafMeter Service.

There are the following reasons why you should use the user authentication in TrafMeter:

To setup the user authentication in TrafMeter, you should perform tasks in TrafMeter Administrative Console and in TrafMeter Service Monitor.

Settings for TrafMeter Administrative Console

Start TrafMeter Administrative Console and go to "Users" panel. Create new user and choose proper authentication mode (Native authentication mode or Windows domain authentication mode). Assign (if it is required) for newly created user permissions for remote monitoring counters of corresponding filters. Next, you can use a name of the user for creating the traffic filters to count the traffic by username.

Settings for TrafMeter Service Monitor

In case of the successful authentication, an arrow of TrafMeter icon in the system tray will flash as the follows: