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The Change List

04/30/2011 TrafMeter 11.3. What's new:
-Shaper optimization: lower CPU usage and less packet latency
-DriverManager improvements
03/06/2011 TrafMeter 11.1. What's new:
-Added DHCP Server
-Online viewing traffic by any process on local PC
-Sorting columns by click on grid header in TrafMeter Administrative Console
05/31/2010 TrafMeter 10.2. What's new:
-New feature: Traffic accounting/blocking by process name on the local computer or by user name in the Windows terminal server
-New feature: Traffic accounting by VPN (PPP) connection name
-New feature: Dynamic shaper
-Netflow collector small improvements
10/14/2009 Attention! This version has new packet capture driver and requires a reboot in case of upgrading from previuos TrafMeter version.
TrafMeter 9.3. What's new:
-Microsoft Windows 7 ready
-Fixed compatibility issue with Kaspersky software
-New feature: change a speed in filter when traffic counters are reached a specified limit
05/25/2009 TrafMeter 9.2. What's new:
-New feature: Collecting network traffic using Cisco Netflow Protocol v.5
-Traffic shaper throughput is increased up to 50 megabit per second
02/28/2009 TrafMeter 9.2. What's new:
TrafMeter 9.0. What's new:
-New feature: URL Filtering allows to block web-sites by URL address or part of URL address. It is possible to create a blacklist or a whitelist of web-sites.
08/29/2008 TrafMeter 8.2. What's new:
- The built-in DNS Server
- New runtime library (Microsoft Visual Studio 2008)
- Many minor bug fixes
04/09/2008 TrafMeter 8.0. What's new:
- Support for any x64 Windows including Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 x64 Editions
- TrafReport (the utility for viewing the traffic reports) is rewritten completely in order to be better!
- New feature: Port redirect in built-in NAT engine
- New feature: "Any authenticated user" can be used during creating of the rule
- New feature: Creating backup for XML traffic reports
- New feature: Squid-compatible format of Host Header log (to use the analyzers like Webalizer)
- Interface improvement for managing the user accounts in TrafMeter Administrative Console
- The significant performance optimization (to reduce the CPU usage) when blocking a lot of amount of packets
- Many small bugs fixed
07/10/2007 TrafMeter 7.5. What's new:
- Fixed bug with detecting network adapters under Microsoft Windows Vista.
- Added built-in NAT (network address translation) engine.
- Added auto-refreshing the list of network adapters (you can plug and unplug network adapters when Traffic Capture is running).
- New capture engine (solves compatibility problems with many firewalls).
- New Capture Mode called "Strong" (allows blocking all networking packets when TrafMeter Service is down).
- New feature: auto-sending Short Messages from Administrative Console to connected users when the traffic limit is exceeded.
- New feature: "Reverse counter" (allows to count the traffic in descending manner).
- New feature: Setting up any values of Traffic counters (using TrafMeter Administrative Console or built-in webserver).
10/10/2006 TrafMeter 6.6. What's new:
- The purpose of TrafMeter Service Monitor is significantly extended. From this moment, it can also be used as an authentication agent running on remote computers that allows to construct traffic rules based on usernames. The authentication of the users can be performed by TrafMeter native authentication protocol or by Windows Domain authentication. This feature solves problems with counting the traffic in DHCP-based network and spoofing IP- or MAC- addresses by the users.
- Added Windows Domain authentication mode for TrafMeter Service Monitor.
- New feature: The list of currently authenticated users can be viewed in TrafMeter Administrative Console.
- TrafMeter migrated to new development environment (Microsoft Visual Studio 2005) and started using new shared runtime libraries to increase an overall stability of the application. However, it requires installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 on your PC.
01/24/2006 TrafMeter 6.4. What's new:
- Added creating unlimited number of user accounts and assigning to specific user the permission for remote viewing the following parameters of traffic filters: the current traffic counters, the current speed and the traffic to exceed the limit.
- Added address groups which you can use in traffic rules.
- Added "work hours" for the traffic filter.
- Added "work hours" for the traffic filter.
- Added a traffic limit at the traffic filter level.
- Many other minor changes added and bugs fixed (too long for listing here)
10/17/2005 TrafMeter 6.1. What's new:
- New design of packet-filtering firewall.
- Allowed using network interfaces in rules.
- Improving zeroing traffic counters: it is not required that TrafMeter Service works at midnight.
08/30/2005 TrafMeter 6.0. What's new:
- Fully new design of TrafMeter Administrative Console which allows simplifying a management of filters and rules
- Added new type of rules for counting traffic by hostname (DNS or NetBIOS)
- New feature: Stateful Inspection in TrafMeter rules. This lets creating more flexible rules for packet-filtering (firewall)
- New feature: counting FTP traffic (Passive and Active FTP Modes are supported)
- Added a rotation for log files (to prevent the application log files from growing unexpectedly)
- Many other bugs fixed (too long for listing here)
... Some news about releases are skipped here
06/11/2001 TrafMeter 1.0 was released

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