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 Online Password Generator (True Random Password Generator)

Important note! You can use this generator in FireFox browser only! We will publish a new universal version shortly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Use this generator to create random passwords for your needs. There are a lot of password generators available in the Internet. Be careful, some of them use standard pseudorandom number generators which are unsuitable for cryptographic purposes. Such generators generate weak password and must never be used! We use a cryptographic random generator, so all generated passwords are of good quality.

Keep in mind that password is an important but not the only part of computer security. The weakness of the whole system depends on the weakness of its the weakest part. For example, if you use Excel 2003 to keep your confidential information, everybody can get an instant access to your data (using  Excel Password software) regardless of the password strength (just because Office 2003 uses weak 40 bit encryption).

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  • The key problem with generated passwords is difficulty to remember them. We recommended to use a password manager to keep all your passwords in a single safe place.
  • Our Online Password Generator uses Microsoft SilverLight technology. If SilverLight is not installed, you'll be prompted to download and install it.
  • You can right click the generator and use "Install Application" option to make this generator available offline through Windows Start menu like a regular application.


Smart Filter: Some characters looks very similar, so it's difficult to distinguish them in a random string. For example, letter O and digit 0; 8 and B; l, I and 1. If this checkbox is checked, such characters will never be used in a generated password.

Password length: The longer password, the stronger it (however it is difficult to remember long passwords).

Character set: the more characters in the character set, the better. An alphanumerical password is stronger than a letters-only password; all-printable password is better than an alphanumerical one. Passwords that use both lower and upper cased characters are much, much stronger than lower-case only (or upper-case only) passwords (but again, complex passwords are difficult to remember without a good password manager).

Hint: use our password calculator to find the password strength and recovery time.


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