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SHA-1 Password Hashes Cracker


SHA1 Password v4.0.1135
released on 11/13/2009
demo (1160 Kb)
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SHA-1 Password is a password recovery tool for security professionals, which can be used to recover a password if its SHA-1 hash is known. SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) is an industry standard hash algorithm that is used in many applications to store passwords.

Key Features

  • Fast, highly optimized recovery engine (supports multi-core, multi-CPU, hyperthreading)
  • Supports SSE2 processor instructions to achieve the best possible performance
  • GPU accelerated password recovery. You can utilize the computing power of modern GPUs to significantly raise the operating speed. Depending on the GPU, the speed can raise by tens of times
  • Smart Rainbow Tables Recovery - a technique that allows recovering long and complex passwords quickly by using special precomputed tables (so-called Rainbow tables)
  • Cloud Password Recovery Service. You can rent additional computing power to recover long and complex passwords
  • Ability to recover multiple hashes at once; you can add up to 32,000 hashes into a project and recover all of them simultaneously without significant performance impact
  • Brute-Force Attack, Dictionary Attack, Hybrid Dictionary Attack and Smart Force Attack are supported
  • Highly configurable recovery engine
  • Feature-rich user interface including import and export features

SHA-1 Password features fast, highly optimized recovery engine that can recover multiple hashes at once: up to 32,000 hashes in the Pro version. The number of hashes being recovered simultaneously does not have significant performance impact. The recovery engine is fully configurable, so you can adjust the recovery options as needed.

Since there is no known way to reverse the SHA algorithm, SHA Password provides a number of tools to recover the password:

SHA-1 Password supports the distributed recovery technology, which allows you to utilize the power of several computers when performing the recovery process, drastically reducing the recovery time.

SHA-1 Password has a feature-rich user interface that allows you to utilize its functionality with maximum efficiency. The export and import feature can be used to export and import hashes to or from text files and the Report feature is used to generate text reports after the recovery process is completed.

SHA-1 Password comes in two versions: Standard and Pro. The Standard version can process up to 3 hashes simultaneously and the Pro version has a technical limit of 32,000. Also Standard version does not support Smart Rainbow Tables Recovery. There is also a free Demo version that can recover only short passwords (up to 3 characters).

Special offer! Buy SHA-1 Password Pro license and get MD5 Password Pro for free! (Standard license does not include MD5 Password).

SHA-1 Password screen shot (click to enlarge):

SHA password  - recover password if its SHA hash is known

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