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file encryption utility iconAbsolute Password Protector (Steganography Tool)


Absolute Password Protector v1.0.547
released on 2/23/2005
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Absolute Password Protector
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Absolute Password Protector
is a strong encryption utility to securely protect your files.

APP combines features of cryptography and steganography software. Using cryptography you provides privacy, but using steganography you provide secrecy. "Steganography" is a Greek word and means covered or hidden writing. A bright example of using steganography traced back to 440 BC. Histaeus shaved the head of his most trusted slave and tatooed a message on his head. After his hair had grown the message was hidden.

Modern version of this method is wide using digital images (or steganography image) to hide documents with important information inside them. while maintaining the original image size and dynamic range. The hidden message can be recovered using the appropriate keys. It's necessary not only to hide information, but not to have possibility to prove that a file with secret information is hidden inside other file (digital image).

Key features

  • Strong 128 bit encryption (based on RC4 cipher)
  • CleverLock(TM) technology that dramatically increases the time and efforts needed to break even a short password
  • Hide sensitive data in pictures. Encrypted data is stored as invisible "noise" inside a picture.
  • Simple and user friendly web-based interface, Windows shell integration.

Absolute Password Protector is a strong encryption utility that securely encrypts files. Encrypted containers can be used to safely send files over the Internet via e-mail. With the use of Absolute Password Protector, you can also hide encrypted files so that no one would know it's an encrypted file. Absolute Password Protector adds "invisible" noise to digital photographic images. This noise will contain your sensitive data in an encrypted form.

While, for security reasons, it is not recommended that you use short passwords when encrypting files, short passwords are easier to remember and type. Absolute Password Protector uses the CleverLock (TM) technology that dramatically increases the time and efforts needed to break even a short password. So, maximum possible brute-force attack speed is about 100 passwords per second (for example, search speed for Zip archives is up to tens of millions of passwords per second). Thus short six characters length alphanumerical password will take about 8 months to break. You can use our password calculator for more information. Minimal safe password length: 5 for mixed-case alphanumeric passwords, 6 for single-case alphanumeric passwords, 7 for single-case letters-only passwords. Recommended password length: 6+ mixed-case alphanumeric, 7+ for single-case alphanumeric or letters-only passwords.

There are a lot of password protection utilities on the market today that promise a secure storage for your files. Unfortunately, simple password protection techniques do not guarantee safety and passwords are easily recovered. LastBit Software is a company providing password recovery solutions since 1997. We have a great experience in this field and did our best to make our encryption utility as strong as possible.

There is no need to start the program each time you wish to encrypt or decrypt a file. Absolute Password Protector integrates into the Windows shell and can be invoked by a right click on a file, while in Windows Explorer. Encrypt files with a single mouse click!

System requirements

  • Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003
Absolute Password Protector splash screen:
Absolute Password Protector screen shot
(click to enlarge):
Absolute Password Protector - encrypt files reliable file encryption

If you have any problem or question, feature request or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. Just send us email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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