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 Cloud Password Recovery Services for MD4, MD5, SHA1

Cloud computing is a rapidly gaining popularity data processing technology, where the software and computing power are delivered to user as an Internet service. Thus, the user has no need to care about the infrastructure, operating system and actual software he is working with. Moreover, depending on the task the user can request greater or littler computing power, according to the problem that is to be solved. With the classical approach, the user would have to commit a significant money waste for purchasing additional computers necessary for solving resource-consuming problems, which would remain idle afterwards. Cloud computing enables getting the required computing power exactly when it is necessary and in the volume that is demanded.

The cloud computing model is a perfect solution to the forgotten passwords problem. You can rent the computing power for finding the forgotten password, which would significantly raise the chances for the success. Presently, LastBit offers cloud computing-based password recovery for Word 2007/2010, Excel 2007/2010, PowerPoint 2007/2010, Quicken, Project 2007/2010, Access 2010 and OneNote 2010 and also the recovery of passwords by known hashes (algorithms MD4, MD5, SHA1, both ASCII and Unicode. Note that Unicode MD4 is used for storing Windows passwords).

Service Terms

  1. Cloud Password Recovery Service is paid for separately and independently of the program license. Even if you are using a DEMO version, you can use Cloud Password Recovery Service.

  2. Please contact us to get the price quote and negotiate the service terms. We are constantly growing our computing resources; therefore, with time we offer greater amount of work for the same money.

  3. We do not guarantee the success. We guarantee that we will carry out the amount of work we have agreed upon, and all the passwords that meet the negotiated criterions will be found. If some (or all) of the passwords appear to be longer or harder, they will remain unknown. 

  4. If you want to test us and make sure that we have done our job, include a hash from a known password (which meets the negotiated criterions) to the task file , and we will find it. Use the Tools | Hash Calculator menu command to prepare the hash.

  5. The task file should have not more than 50 records.

  6. We begin our work only after it has been paid for. The service fee is non refundable, even if some (or all) passwords in the task file remain not recovered. Please consider this service as computing power rental. We guarantee that it will be provided in the amount as promised; however, we cannot guarantee that it will be sufficient for recovering your passwords. 

  7. When the work is done, we will send you a report with with all passwords found.




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