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Firefox Password

Firefox Password:

password recovery tool for Firefox Web Browser


FireFox Password v1.0.434
released on 1/10/2009
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FireFox Password
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Firefox Password recovers lost Firefox Master Password and saved login passwords. To start the recovery, you should specify the folder where FireFox is installed and the folder with Firefox profiles. Normally, Firefox is installed in the C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox folder, and profiles are kept in the C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox folder. Firefox password automatically figures the folders at these locations; you may want to change them in the non-standard situations; for example, if you want to extract passwords using data files copied from another computer.

You can either specify the "profile root folder" (the folder that contains the profiles.ini file, which lists all available profiles) or the data folder for a specific user profile. If the "profile root folder" is selected, and there are several profiles available, Firefox Password will ask you to select the profile to recover.

The next step is to find the Master Password. If you know the Master  Password, enter it and then click Continue. If the Master Password is unknown, you have to recover it first. The universal password recovery methods, such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack, will be used. If the password is long enough, this may take a lot of time. Use our Password Calculator to estimate the recovery time. If no Master Password is set, this step will be omitted.

On the last step, Firefox Password displays all the login information stored by Firefox. Once the Master Password is known, there is no delay to decrypt and display the login information. For each item, the URL, login name and password data will be displayed. Please note that only saved passwords will be shown by Firefox Password. If user has entered a password but has not saved it, the password will not be shown.

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