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GPU Password Recovery Engine

Modern graphics processing units (GPU) are powerful dedicated processors, by much outdoing the regular processing units by their computing power. The parallel architecture of GPU is perfect for the implementation of brute force attacks for many (but not all) cryptographic algorithms. This may dramatically speed up the recovery speed. NVIDIA Corp. has released the CUDA library, which allows utilizing the power of GPU for computing. For the first time, we publicly announced GPU Password Recovery Engine in the first version of Office 2007 Password released on 07/07/2007.

Currently, we offer GPU Password Recovery Engine for the following algorithms:

  • Office 2010 (used in Word 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Project 2010)
  • Word 2007
  • Excel 2007
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • OneNote 2007
  • Quicken
  • MD4 (ASCII and UNICODE, MD4 Unicode is used for Windows passwords encryption)

We are planning on expanding the list of supported algorithms; however, due to peculiarities of the GPU architecture, some algorithms cannot be effectively implemented on GPU, and the regular implementation of such algorithms appears to be more effective. As a whole, GPU allows raising the speed by 5-100 times (depending on the algorithm, GPU and CPU type). Thus, the best results have been achieved for the MD4 algorithm; the search speed has reached two billion (!) passwords per second. Excellent results are also achieved with Office 2007/2010; password protection in Office 2007/2010 is made in a way that with the regular processing units the search speed remains extremely low (around 100 passwords per second), which leads to extremely large time outlays even for not too long passwords. With GPU Password Recovery Engine, the search speed reaches several thousands of passwords per second, significantly raising the chance to find the password within reasonable time.

We have also implemented Password Recovery Engine for AMD (ATI) GPUs and for Cell processor (Sony PlayStation 3); more information is available on request.

In order to use GPU:

  1. Make sure you have the supported hardware. Currently, we support NVIDIA GPU cards (GeForce 8600 or newer) and AMD ATI cards. You can find the list of graphics processing units supporting the CUDA technology here: . Please keep in mind that although the older video cards (GeForce 8400 and lower) do support CUDA and can be utilized for the recovery, they do not provide a noticeable growth of the productivity. Their results can be even poorer than when using CPU. Best results can be obtained with top video cards with the greatest number of stream processors. If the system has two or three video cards, GPU Password Recovery Engine will utilize them all (the SLI connection between the video cards here is not mandatory). However, the core number in the CPU must be not less than the number of video cards in the system; thus, in a system with three video cards, the CPU must have three or four cores. At the same time, some video cards (for instance, GeForce 9800x2) are technically twin cards (two in one), and servicing such card requires a dual-core processor.
  2. Make sure you have got the latest version of display driver. Make sure that in your system you've got the NVIDIA of version not lower than 162.10. You can download the latest version of the driver free of charge from the NVIDIA website.
  3. Download and install GPU Password Recovery Engine. GPU Password Recovery Engine works as a helper to our password recovery software.
  4. GPU Password Recovery Engine works as a helper to our password recovery software. The following our applications support GPU Password Recovery Engine (please check the version; the older versions do not support GPU Password Recovery):
  • OctoPASS Distributed Password Recovery System - starting from the version 1.0
  • Word Password, Excel Password, PowerPoint Password - starting from the version 12.0 (will be released soon)
  • MD4 Password v1.0
  • MD5 Password v3.0 (will be released soon)
  • SHA1 Password v3.0  (will be released soon)

You can get GPU Password Recovery Engine free of charge if you buy any of our aforementioned software that supports GPU Password Recovery.

How to get GPU Password Recovery Engine
Due to an open issue with US patent law, the engine is not available at the moment. We will release GPU Password Recovery Engine for our international customers within the next week. Also we will provide an alternative solution for our US customers shortly.

Right now we recommend  our clients to use our Guaranteed Password Recovery Service for Office 2007 and Office 2010 documents.



  • If you have several video cards in your system, our software will use all available video cards. This boosts the performance significantly. SLI video cards connection is not required!

  • GPU Password Recovery Engine may work slowly on short passwords; the top speed is reached on long passwords (when it's actually necessary).

  • When GPU is used for computing, the video card stops working for its normal purpose, and the picture on the monitor "freezes". To let you use the computer further on, GPU Password Recovery Engine releases the video card several times per second. This leads to some fall back but allows using the computer during a brute force attack for other purposes. Nevertheless, some delays and operation inconveniences are possible. During a brute force attack with GPU Password Recovery Engine, please don't run games and other applications that use graphics actively.

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