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OctoPass™ - Distributed Password Recovery System

Installing OctoPASS

You can find more information on OctoPASS Distributed Password Recovery here. This program configures OctoPASS Server and prepares the OctoPASS Agent setup program.

OctoPASS Server Installation Directory
Select the directory on the local computer where OctoPASS Server is to be installed.

OctoPASS Data Directory
Select the directory to be used by OctoPASS Server as its data directory. Important: In order to operate properly, the full access is to be granted to this directory.

Port Number
Normally standard HTTP port 80 is used, however you can change it. For example, you may want to change the port number if another Web server is already installed at port 80. Please note that if non-standard port is used, you must specify the port number when you submit recovery requests to the OctoPASS Server.

Autorun OctoPASS Web Server
Automatically run OctoPASS Web Server Agent at Windows startup. OctoPASS cannot work properly if Web Server is down, so we recommend that you enable this option.

Alert URL (optional)
OctoPASS Server can send notifications as soon as the recovery process is completed. You may leave this field empty (no notifications will be sent). Otherwise, OctoPASS will send the HTTP GET request with two parameters - id and psw - to the specified URL. The id will indicate the id of the task, and the psw will contain the found password (if it has been found). For security reasons, you may want to use the SSL encrypted protocol (https:// ) for transmitting that data.

Log File Mode
You can choose whether OctoPASS Server is to log its activity. Possible options: 1) Do not log at all  2) Log but do not save found passwords to the log file 3) Log everything including found passwords.

Registration Code
Enter the registration code here. You can order a license here. You can leave this field blank to install OctoPASS Server in the DEMO mode. Note that only the MD4 ASCII algorithm is available in the DEMO mode.

Password to access OctoPASS Server
You can password-protect your OctoPASS Server. You can leave this field blank.

Output Directory for OctoPASS Agent Setup file
This program is about to create a custom OctoPASS Agent setup file, which will be saved in this folder. The name of the setup file is OctoPassAgentSetup.exe. Use this setup program to install OctoPASS Agent on every computer in your LAN.

You can customize the following options in the custom OctoPASS Agent setup program:

    AutoRun   Automatically run OctoPASS Agent at Windows startup. If this option is disabled, you will have to manually start OctoPASS Agent on every working computer.

    Show Tray Icon   Show the application icon in the tray area. Through the tray icon, user can control the OctoPASS Agent, view its status, pause and resume the recovery and etc. If the tray icon is not shown, you can use the Ctrl-Shift-Alt-O keyboard shortcut to bring up the program window.

    OctoPASS Web URL (read-only)   Use this URL to access OctoPASS. Open it in your Web browser to see the recovery status and control the recovery process. Specify it in the password recovery software to submit recovery tasks to the OctoPASS Server.

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