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Reviewing Quality of Password Protection: Accounting Software

Password protection in the early versions of Quicken was implemented the wrong way. In the very old versions, the password could be extracted instantly. In the newer ones it was impossible to extract the password, but it was possible to quickly build up a password, which would fit the document, although it could differ from the original one. In the newest versions, password protection has been strengthened significantly, the password can be recovered only by running the exhaustive search or dictionary attack, and, moreover, the search speed happens to be very low. However, just like in the case with MS Project 2007, an implementation error has allowed to build up special tables that speed up the search significantly. Since the tables take considerable room (over one terabyte), Quicken Password offers a special service for recovering passwords: user submits the request, and within 24 hours he would get a reply. Using the tables does not guarantee the success; they just considerably speed the search of passwords. If the password isn't too long, it will be recovered within 24 hours. Further information: Quicken Password

Quickbooks and MyOB
Both MyOB and QuickBooks, even their latest versions, do not provide reliable protection. The password can be replaced with a known one. Further information: Quickbooks Password, MyOB Password

MS Money
MS Money has traveled a long way. Originally it was based upon the MS Access engine, and its password protection was none - an unknown password could be easily extracted from the database. Then the protection was revised, and after a number of iterations has come to its current look. The protection appears to be rather strong - if the password is long and complex, it's literally impossible to recover it. What lowers the protection level more or less is the fact that Microsoft Money does not make distinctions between the lowercase and capitalized letters. Further information: Money Password


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