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Dictionary Attack

Dictionary Attack uses a dictionary. Password Crackers will try every word from the dictionary as a password. A good dictionary (also known as a word list) is more than just a dictionary, e.g. you will not find the word "qwerty" in the ordinary dictionary but it will surely be included into a good word list. Indeed, this combination of characters is commonly used as a password.

Dictionary Attack is usually quite fast. Noticeable delays are possible only if the dictionary is very large. However, the password can be recovered only in case it is present in the dictionary. The probability that this assumption is true is not, in fact, high. Nevertheless, since Dictionary Attack doesn’t take much time, it is recommended to try it before proceeding to the slow Brute Force Attack.

There is a variant of this method called Hybrid Dictionary Attack that significantly increases the probability of success. In this case, the password cracker checks all words in the dictionary along with its variations. These can be, for example, the same words with different digits appended to them. Hybrid Dictionary Attack is noticeably slower than Dictionary Attack (for example, if the variations include words with two digits appended to them, then the process is 100 times slower. In case of 4 digits appended, it is 10 000 times slower).

Time Required: Several minutes. If the dictionary is very large or in case of Hybrid Dictionary Attack the amount of time required can be much larger but it is still acceptable.
What is Recovered: Original password
Guaranteed result? No
Requisites/Limitations None
Passwords that can be recovered Any password
Pros Versatility, little amount of time required
Cons A small chance of success
International/Localization issues If the password is not an English word, then it is required to use the dictionary of the appropriate language. We recommend international users to use both English and national dictionary.
Supported by the following LastBit software:  Word Password, Excel Password, Zip Password, VBA Password,
OneNote Password
, PowerPoint Password, WinPassword, PwlTool
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