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Smart Rainbow Table Recovery Method

Smart Rainbow Table Recovery is based on special precomputed recovery tables. They allow for breaking of long and complex password quite quickly. Currently, Smart Rainbow Tables are available for the recovery of LANMAN hashes only. The support for NT hashes is coming up in the next version. With Smart Rainbow Tables, you can recover arbitrary password within a few minutes. It is not necessary to use this method  to recover short passwords (up to five characters) and long but simple passwords. We offer rainbow tables for six and seven characters passwords. Remember, passwords longer than 7 characters are split into two parts, so 7 characters it the worst case. Smart Rainbow Table Recovery is especially useful for recovering complex passwords containing punctuation marks and other non-alphanumeric characters.

Key facts about Smart Rainbow Table Recovery:

Availability and options

You can use Smart Rainbow Table Recovery in the following two ways. In any case the registered version of WinPassword Pro v7.0+ is required.

1. You can download the tables and use the Smart Rainbow Tables on your computer. The download size is about 14 Gb. To get the download link please contact us (you must be a registered WinPassword Pro v7.0+ user).

2. You can send us hashes (no more than 10) and we will find the passwords for free. This service is free of charge (assuming you have bought WinPassword Pro v7.0+), however you can use it only once. If you have more than ten passwords to recover or if you already used this service and need it again, you should buy more WinPassword Pro license(s). ..More Information..

3. You can purchase the entire set of tables. This set includes tables for six and seven character passwords. The total size is about 14 Gb. You can place an order here.

You can find more information on Smart Rainbow Table Recovery here.