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Windows Password


Windows Password v7.0.2209
released on 12/10/2009
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What's new in Windows Password v7.0.2209:
  • Smart Rainbow Tables
  • GPU Accelerated Password Recovery
  • Cloud Password Recovery
  • Distributed Password Recovery
  • A lot of other improvements

About WinPassword (formerly known as NT Password)
WinPassword (formerly known as NT Password) is an application for NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / Windows 7 system administrators for finding breaches in system security. It tries to recover plain-text passwords by analyzing user password hashes. If it is possible to recover a password within reasonable time, the password should be considered insecure. Windows Password can also be used to recover lost passwords of particular users. Please note that this program is for advanced users and system administrators with good understanding of the NT security model.

Main Features

  • We have done all we could to make WinPassword as fast as it could possibly run. All critical fragments of the code are written in Assembler and optimized to the maximum. It utilizes all features of modern processors, such as SSE2 instructions, hyperthreading, multicore and multiprocessor; that allows getting the most from a PS's computing power and reach the maximum operating speed possible.
  • GPU assisted password recovery. WinPassword allows utilizing the computing power of modern GPUs and reach the fantastic speeds of a billion and more passwords per second!
  • WinPassword allows searching for passwords to a great number of logins simultaneously. WinPassword is designed in a way that the search speed very little relies on the number of logins. WinPassword has been tested and works perfectly even on very large tasks (up to 32,000 logins)
  • WinPassword uses both the traditional recovery methods (Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Search) and the new Smart Rainbow Table Recovery (based on Rainbow tables) technique that allows recovering long and complex passwords quickly.
  • OctoPASS distributed password recovery. WinPassword is compatible with OctoPASS Distributed Password Recovery. You can utilize the power of all available computers to find the longest and most complex passwords. OctoPASS allows creating very large networks, up to thousands (and even tens of thousands) of computers working simultaneously.
  • Cloud Password Recovery. If you do not have a sufficient amount of your own computing power, you can rent additional computing power to recover long and complex NT hashes ( more information )
  • WinPassword allows modifying registry files and resetting the password to a known one.

Quick Technical Overview

Windows does not store user's password; it stores the hash instead. Due to historical reasons, Windows keeps two different types of hashes at the same time: NT hash and LANMAN hash. NT hash is the standard MD4 algorithm appied to user password. Using Unicode allows handling passwords in different languages. It makes difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. LANMAN hash is based upon the DES encryption algorithm. There are two specific features that strongly weaken the security of LANMAN hashes. First, they do not make difference between uppercase and lowercase letters; second - and most important - the password is limited by 14 characters; moreover, those 14 characters are split into two 7-character halves, which are encrypted independently from one another. This allows finding passwords for both parts individually and simultaneously. Besides, neither NT hash, nor LANMAN hash uses salt, and that allows cracking many passwords at once, belonging to different users (even on different computers), and with all that the search speed very little depends on their quantity. Windows could be configured in a way that LANMAN hashes would be disabled - that significantly improves the cryptographic strength and hardens the recovery of passwords. WinPassword supports the recovery with both known LANMAN hash and with just NT hash. In the standard case, when the both types of hashes are available, WinPassword uses the LANMAN hash to find the password and then additionally uses the NT hash to clarify which letters in the password are uppercase, and which ones are lowercase.

Operating speed and time necessary for finding passwords
Password search speed depends on many factors; first of all, on the CPU type and clock. RAM size affects search efficiency insignificantly. The speed can be raised significantly when utilizing GPU. The search speed on a computer with an Intel Core Quad CPU is approximately 26 millions of passwords per second for LANMAN hashes abd 35 millions per second for NT hashes. When using the GPU Nvidia GTX 295, the search speed for NT hashes reaches a billion (!) of passwords per second. When using Smart Rainbow Tables, the typical time for finding a password to a LANMAN hash is several minutes, regardless to the length and complexity of the password. More detailed information on the speed and time is available here.

Cloud Password Recovery
You can rent additional computing power to recover long and complex passwords. Cloud Password Recovery is for NT hashes only. If a LANMAN hash is available, you can recover the password within a reasonable time span using the regular recovery methods or Smart Rainbow Tables. Find more information on the Cloud Password Recovery service here.

Reset Login Password
You can use WinPassword to reset a password and replace it with a known one. For that purpose, you will need the access to the registry files SYSTEM and SAM. Further information is available in the product's documentation.

GPU-accelerated Password Recovery
You can utilize the computing power of modern GPUs to significantly raise the operating speed. Depending on the GPU, the speed can raise by tens of times. The current version of the software supports GPU Accelerated Password Recovery only for NT hashes. Find more information here.

Distributed Password Recovery
Distributed Password Recovery allows using multiple computers for speeding up the recovery process. That is especially current for NT hashes. We have implemented the support for distributed password recovery for LANMAN hashes too; however, please keep in mind that with Smart Rainbow Tables within just a few minutes you can recover literally any password by its LANMAN hash, utilizing the resources of just a single computer. Distributed Password Recovery for LANMAN hashes is available in WinPassword Pro version only. You can utilize up to 8 computers as follows to recover LANMAN hash. Distributed password recovery for NT hashes can be done with OctoPASS. OctoPASS allows creating very large networks (thousands and even tens of thousands of computers. Further information on OctoPASS is available here.

Pro and Standard versions
There are two different WinPassword editions available: Standard and Pro. Please refer to the table below to find out the difference.

  Maximum number of logins in a single task file Smart Rainbow Table Recovery Reset Password to a Known One Distributed Password Recovery (LANMAN hashes) Distributed Password Recovery (NT hashes) GPU Accelerated Password Recovery
Standard Version  5 (i.e. you cannot recover more than 5 passwords at once) NO NO NO YES* NO
Pro Version  32,000 (technical limit) YES YES YES YES* YES

* - OctoPASS is required for distributed password recovery of NT hashes. This is a standalone product and must be licensed separately. Please refer to this page for further information.

Demo version limitation:
The unregistered DEMO versions display only the first two characters of the found password.

If you have any problem or question, feature request or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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