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Cloud computing is a rapidly gaining popularity data processing technology, where the software and computing power are delivered to user as an Internet service. Thus, the user has no need to care about the infrastructure, operating system and actual software he is working with. Moreover, depending on the task the user can request greater or littler computing power, according to the problem that is to be solved. With the classical approach, the user would have to commit a significant money waste for purchasing additional computers necessary for solving resource-consuming problems, which would remain idle afterwards. Cloud computing enables getting the required computing power exactly when it is necessary and in the volume that is demanded.

The cloud computing model is a perfect solution to the forgotten passwords problem. The evolution of password protection in the popular applications (see this article) has brought us to the point where the rate of frankly weak protections has gone a long way down. A competently realized protection (as, for example, in Word 2007/2010) requires significant computing resources for finding the forgotten password. Thus, for example, the speed of a typical passwords search for Word 2007/2010 on a modern computer does not exceed a few dozens of passwords per second. That means that finding even a relatively short 6-character password will take about two months of round-the-clock operation of the computer, which is absolutely unacceptable in the majority of real-life cases. Buying more computers for the sake of solving just this one problem is completely unreasonable. LastBit Corp. offers a service for recovering forgotten passwords built upon cloud computing.  In fact, the user can rent the computing power for finding the forgotten password, which would significantly raise the chances for the success. Presently, LastBit offers cloud computing-based password recovery for Word 2007/2010, Excel 2007/2010, PowerPoint 2007/2010, Quicken, Project 2007/2010, Access 2010 and OneNote 2010 and also the recovery of passwords by known hashes (algorithms MD4, MD5, SHA1, both ASCII and Unicode. Note that Unicode MD4 is used for storing Windows passwords). Moreover, for Office 2007/2010 the guaranteed service is offered: if the password is not found, the money is returned to the customer.

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