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Following articles are available online.

Picking the Right Password

Reviewing Quality of Password Protection in Popular Applications

All about Passwords
Brief introduction into password protection and password recovery.
Read now (part 1, part 2, part 3).

Smart Table Recovery ™ Method
Overview of Smart Table Recovery ™ method based on "Rainbow Tables" and especially useful for recovering complex 7 character passwords for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

Multiple Documents Recovery
Overview of recovery methods for multiple Word and/or Excel documents.

Express Recovery Inhouse Edition
Instant password recovery method for Word and Excel documents.

Password Recovery Methods
Overview of different methods of password recovery, along with their distinctive features, conditions under which they can be used, and their pros and cons.

PWL Files
Windows 95/98/Me stores passwords and other valuable  information in so called PWL files. Find more information here.

Shareware Protection
Learn how to protect your software from piracy. Click here.

Office 2007/2010 Password Recovery

Password Types in MS Access
Learn more about MS Access security model and of MS Access passwords types.

Password Types in MS Word
Learn more about MS Word security model and about MS Word passwords.

Password Types in MS Excel
Learn more about MS Excel security model and about MS Excel passwords.

Guaranteed Password Recovery
Guaranteed Password Recovery - or Your Money Back!

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