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LastBit Password Tools
Password recovery tools for Word, Excel, Access, VBA, Outlook, Power Point, OneNote, Act!, more...
Instant Guaranteed password recovery for Word and Excel! no brute force!
Password Manager
Enterprise multi-user password management solution.
Windows Password
Auditing and password recovery tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
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Why do you need this?
Have you ever faced the problem of lost passwords? You are in urgent need of that very document. You are damn lucky to find it in the labyrinth of your hard drive or your company's local network. It is just a double-click away...

Different people call it differently – "crack password", "break password" or "recover password", but these words stand for the same process of password recovery. This is what a password protected document must undergo to become accessible.

What we can offer?
You are at the right place because we have the largest collection of password recovery solutions. Our software and services can recover passwords for most popular software products, such as office or archiving software.

Available password recovery modules:

Access Password Organizer Password
Act! Password Outlook Password
AOL Password PDF Password
Excel Password PowerPoint Password
FireFox Password Project Password
FTP Password QuickBooks Password
ICQ Password Quicken Password
IE Content Advisor Password RAR Password
IE AutoComplete data SHA-1 Password
Mail Password Skype Password
Money Password SQL Password
MD4 Password VBA Password
MD5 Password Windows Password
MSN Password Word Password
MYOB Password Yahoo Messenger Password
OneNote Password Zip Password


Our Most Exciting Technologies:

Office 2007/2010/2010/2013/2016/365 Cloud Password Recovery Service
Password recovery for Office 2007-2016 is an extremely difficult and resource-consuming job. The market has just a few solutions capable of recovering passwords to Office 2007/2010 documents, but even among those, none can actually recover a real-life, not too short password within a reasonable time span. We’d like to welcome you to rent our high-performance data center to break your password and thus significantly raise your chances for the success. You pay for the result only; if we fail to recover your password, we will refund your payment in full!  ...more info...

Guaranteed Password Recovery Service for MS Access 2007
We can recover any password protected Access 2007 (only 2007) database within 48 hours regardless of the password length (earlier Access database could be recovered instantly). ...more info...

Express Recovery for Word and Excel 2003 and Earlier (classic .doc/.xls files)
Express Recovery allows recovering your document within just a minute, regardless of the password length! For a small extra fee, within 24 hours we can also pick the original password, regardless of its length. Express Recovery was developed the way that it would provide the greatest confidentiality and privacy. You do not need to submit your entire document – just a few bytes (related to the password, not to the content of the document) will be transmitted to our server; we will find the encryption key and return it to your computer, and your document will be decrypted on your computer, what guarantees confidentiality and privacy. If the security standards enforced in your company are so strict that they do not permit submitting even a few bytes of data over the Internet, we offer a special version of the software, Express Recovery Inhouse Edition.  ...more info...

OctoPass - Distributed Password Recovery System
Take advantage of the computing power of all your computers for running a brute force attack on a complex password. Convenient, effective and simple to use engine administered through the Web interface.  ...more info...

Genuine Password Recovery Engine
Our Password Recovery Engine is most optimized and allows utilizing the full power of modern multi-CPU systems and multi-core CPUs. The most critical fragments of the code are written in the assembler language and utilize all features of modern processors, such as SSE, hyper-threading, etc. A convenient wizard-based interface allows customizing password search settings to make the process most productive and convenient. Besides the traditional brute force attack and dictionary attack, our Password Recovery Engine allows running Hybrid Dictionary Attack (a combination of a brute force attack and a dictionary attack), Smart Force Attack (searching most probable character combinations), and searching variations of specified passwords to eliminate typos. Users not experienced in Password Recovery issues can take advantage of the
Automatic Recovery Mode, which was developed upon the analysis of thousands of real passwords; the search settings are optimized to their best for achieving the result within the shortest possible time, and all that doesn’t require user to setup anything.

Guaranteed Recovery Service for Quicken
Although our password recovery engine is fully optimized for speed, password recovery for Quicken is rather slow; the password recovery may take a lot of time. We proudly present a special recovery method for Quicken. Within 24 hours, we will search all most probable password variations; this search is equivalent to 5 months (!) of non-stop operation of a single high-end computer. This does NOT guarantee the success; however, it significantly improves your chances. Most important - we will not charge you a single penny if we find that we cannot recover your password. ...more info...

Guaranteed PDF Recovery
We can recover any PDF document protected with a 40-bit encryption regardless of the password length. ...more info...

Rainbow tables (Smart tables)
Rainbow tables are precompiled data tables for password recovery. We have improved this recovery method essentially and now use it in our applications. ...more info...

QuickBooks guaranteed recovery
Our QuickBooks password allows to recover password protected QuickBooks files instantly, regardless of the password length and strength, no brute force is required. ...more info...

Full Range of Password Recovery Software
We offer a full range of password recovery tools for all popular applications. All password recovery modules are fully optimized for speed. We continuously improve our technologies to reach the best results.

We offer various versions of our password recovery solutions for both individuals and corporations, for both small and large sized enterprises.

What we are not.

We are not crackers and we neither develop nor distribute software cracks. Password recovery software is sometimes incorrectly referred to as password crackers or password breakers (and, in theory, can be used to "crack" or "break" passwords illegally). Nevertheless, "password crackers" have nothing to do with "software crackers". Software crackers are utilities produced by criminals and are used to run illegal software copies.

On the other side, "password crackers" are utilities that can help you to crack passwords that you have lost or forgotten and access your password protected documents again, absolutely legally.

Why trust us?

We are in the market since 1997 and celebrated our 20th birthday recently. We started in 1997 with a utility called PWLVIEW that could be used to recover passwords for Windows 95. It was the first windows password recovery tool available. For over 20 years we've been providing highest quality password recovery software and services to thousands of our customers from USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand – more than 135 countries worldwide!

Don't lose your passwords again!

Our software technologies are far ahead of most of the competitors'. Thus, they are not and can not be free. It's obvious that recovering lost passwords is not cheap and you could save a great deal of money if you didn't lose your passwords.

The good news is that we are not going to make money on your losing passwords again and again. Besides password recovery solutions, we offer password management software that will help you to keep your passwords reliably and securely.

Learn more about passwords!

Unlike so called "crackers" we do not say that password recovery is magic and we do not try to hide anything we know from you. It's our trade and we encourage our customers to learn more about passwords and password recovery if they wish to. That's why we prepared a number of articles and other passwords related information for those who want to know more.


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