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Smart Rainbow Tables Recovery Data Tables

Smart Rainbow Tables Recovery is based on special precomputed recovery tables. This method is decribed here, please read this article first.

Currently Smart Rainbow Tables Recovery is supported by the following programs:

  • WinPassword Pro v7.0
    Size: 14 Gb
    Price: free for WinPassword 7.0 Pro users (not included into Standard edition)
    Availability: available upon request, download only
  • Express Recovery Inhouse Edition v1.0+
    Size: 9 Gb
    Price: included into product price
    Availability: pre-included (integrated part of the product)
  • PDF Password v14.0
    Size: 6Gb
    Price: free for PdfPassword 14.0 users
    available upon request, download only

Smart Rainbow Tables are availble free of charge for the registered users of these products. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the further information.


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